About Us

The way we do what we do really sets us apart.

We understand that every business and technology infrastructure is unique. At Infinit we embrace that uniqueness and work with our customers to address their specific requirements as well as the needs of their employees and customers.

We partner with world-class manufacturers to assess, plan and develop solutions that work best for a particular environment. We fully realize there’s no single product, technology, or strategy that fits every situation.
For organizations that rely on strategic technology partners, Infinit offers advice without price and solutions without cutting corners.

Our goals are simple.

  1. Never let a customer’s project fail.
  2. Provide over-the-top service and support, every single day.
  3. Prove our value one customer at a time.

Our experience and training guides us.

Our people are some of the most highly-trained sales and engineering professionals in the business. The Infinit team has over 150 certifications from the top technology manufacturers along with years of experience and dedication second to none.

Here’s what our team says about Infinit:

Mark Harrington – Senior Logistics Coordinator

“We ship products across the US and worldwide to over 42 countries. Whether a single package or multiple pallets requiring special handling, we work with carriers to ensure our shipments are delivered on time and in the best condition possible.”

Sandra Post – Operations and Procurement Specialist

“Every order is processed carefully to provide the best value possible for our customers. From initial placement to final delivery we closely monitor our suppliers and distributors for accuracy and timeliness.”

Ed Fuller – Senior Network Engineer

“Finding the right solutions and products is vital to meet customer needs. Technical support before and after the sale is our primary mission, so keeping current with our vendors, technologies and deployments is a key focus.”

Tom Klink – President

“Our mission is simple, educate our Partner on the products and services we are great at and improve the Partner experience every chance we get. We want our Partners to understand the key to success is a give-and- take relationship that benefits us both and allows for efficiencies that result in operational cost savings. We will always work to help our Partners with every project. It is important they know and understand our strengths be it technology or people.”